China CE manufactory macaroni /pasta/spaghetti machine /elbow macaroni equipment

1.This machine line can use wheat flour or durum/semolina/as main material to make different shapes pasta,like tube,elbow,screw,shell,etc. 2.Process flow of production:Material mixing-Extrusion shaping-Pre-drying-Drying-Cooling&Convey-Packing. 3.Equi

Product origin:Jinan City ,Shandong Province ,China
Delivery time:15-25workding days
Supply capacity:80-100kg/h 160-220kg/h 300kg/h 400kg/h ....

China CE manufactory macaroni /pasta/spaghetti machine /elbow macaroni equipment

1.Product Description

China CE manufactory macaroniequipment

1.The pasta macaroni making machinery adotps most advanced technology in the word Making water
and flour more fully mixed together to produce a variety productions in different shapes which are
popular in the market, such as crispy pea, shell, screw, square tube, round tube, wave etc.

2.Our engineer studied in Italy before with rich vacuum extruder technology and experience.
the mold is imported from Italy.


80-100kg/ h extruder unit

(Cold extrusion technique.The process temperature 30-50)


Power: 12.5kw

manufactory elbow macaroni equipment

1.Extrusion Forming Unit is consist of Mixer,Scraper lift and Pasta Extruder,cuter system,cooling system.
2.Mix flour and water  fully in the Mixer and open the discharge port to delivery into extruder machine by scraper lift.finally,make the material Maturation in ripening tank through Extrusion and friction of screw ,material and cylinder
.And shaped by mold.Different molds make different shapes.
3.There is a mixing wing in mixer,the mixing wing can be remove at any time for cleaning the cylinder of mixter,to prevent it go mouldy.Every batch 100kg.

4.The Scraper is adopted special food grade and super performance.
5.There is cooling system with extruder to prevent products over maturation and blister.So easy to make shape well.
6.All mold is imported from Italy. Mould plate is copper, the die is copper + Teflon .Engineer studied in Italy and more than 20 experience in the industry market.
7.PLC control system. If the machine has anything goes wrong that all will show on the screen.It is convenient to operate the machine and can know problem it in time



extruder unit

(Vacuum negative Cold extrusion technique.
It is most advanced technology in the word

Process Temperature: 35-65
Fineness of Raw Material: 100 MESH
Temperature Accuracy: 5

Dimension: 2.5*3*3.5m


pasta/spaghetti machine

300kg/h ,400kg/h ,500kg/h and more .....

1. Vacuum feeding system: it will conveyor the flour to the storage bin automatic.The feeding speed can be controlled.Under bin,there is a air-lock valve.

2. High Speed Flour Mixer is a device for mixing flour and water thoroughly by high speed stirring. The motor drives the stirring shaft to run at high speed, and at the same time, water is added to the barrel quantitatively through the water pipe. The flour and water are stirred and mixed in the tank and conveyed to the primary mixing tank.

3. Mixing system:There are two tank for mixing ,after primary mixing with water ,flour will mixing again under vacuum environment.

4. Extrusion Forming Unit includes automatic water supply, circulation water cooling system, and die assembly.
5. Cutting system :could adjust speed

6. vacuum system:consists of vacuum water tank, vacuum pump, vacuum buffer tank, vacuum pipe, vacuum pressure gauge, check valve and three-way deflation valve.

7. The automatic watering system includes storage water tank, water pumps, water inlet and outlet pipes, quantitative valve, flow meter and water tower.

Function: add water to the raw material (flour) in quantity according to the technological requirements of the product.

2.Processing line

Material mixing-Extrusion shaping-Pre-drying-Drying-Cooling&Convey-Packing.

80-100kg/h Pasta Macaroni Making Machine line
China CE manufactory macaroniequipment

manufactory elbow macaroni equipmentpasta/spaghetti machineChina CE manufactory macaroniequipment
manufactory elbow macaroni equipment pasta/spaghetti machine

160-220kg/h Pasta Macaroni Making Machine line with Vacuum System
China CE manufactory macaroniequipment

3.Some samples

manufactory elbow macaroni equipment
4.About Dryer

Type: Gas/diesel

pasta/spaghetti machine
China CE manufactory macaroniequipment manufactory elbow macaroni equipment pasta/spaghetti machine

1.There are some fan on the top of oven tha can  delivery the hot air to both side of the air flue,then spread the heat air to every layer of the oven.And the location of both side air flue is different,which makes the volume of the hot air evenly and heating evenly.
2.Air door on the each air flue of each layer can easily control hot air volume to dry it evenly.
3.Baking time:6-8hours
4.Baking temperature:50-60
5.The oven use Teflon mesh,it can bear high temperature of 400 degree with long-serves time.
6.The material of baffler in oven is food grade PVC.
7.Each of layer in the oven has the receiving box to let products on upper layer uniformly fall down  the middle place of next layer.
8.The distance of chain is big to avoid blocking.Its durable.
9.Two small door design not only convenient to check inside situation,but also can Can effectively avoid the loss of energy.
10.Hot air drying, large capacity; High efficiency and energy saving, especially suitable for drying raw materials that have large moisture, the effect is very obvious.

5.Our Customers

Our company has already exported countries:

Asia { Thailand, Indonesia, East Timor, South Korea, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Saudi Arabic, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan }
Africa { Nigeria, Benin, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Namibia, Uganda, Zimbabwe}
Europe { Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine.Poland }
North America { Canada }
South America { Brazil, Bolivia }
Oceania { New Zealand }

Russia                             kurstans                        Sweden                         East Timor

6.Our Service

Pre-Sales Service:

* Inquiry and consulting support.

* Sample testing support.

* View our Factory.

After-Sales Service:

* Training how to instal the machine

*  Supply the formula

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas

7.Packing &Loading

Fixing  machine            Wrapping machine            Woden case               packing Loading

The Team Service: Professional Sales Team and Technical Team
The Team Service: Professional Sales Team and Technical Team
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